Wireless Temperature Monitoring

TempTrak by Cooper-Atkins Wireless Temperature monitoring is one of the most exciting innovations in the industry today. As one of the early developers of wireless temperature monitoring systems Cooper-Atkins Corporation has been at the forefront of temperature monitoring since 1885. TempTrak has more installations than all other manufacturers combined. TempTrak offers 24/7 remote temperature monitoring and runs on a wide range of systems supported by a broad range of hardware.


TempTrak transmitters (sensors) are battery powered, and require no hardwired connectivity. These sensors are easily mounted in any location, and transmit wirelessly to the TempTrak software that collects and records data 24/7.

TempTrak software is installed on a server and secured with all other critical data. The hardware is connected on the existing network. In the event the server is unavailable, the TempTrak system can operate in a fallback “batch” mode where the transmitter data is temporarily saved in a “buffer” at the base receiver.

Each transmitter (sensor) monitors against preset conditions that are defined by the user and will alert by a variety of methods, including: pager, cell phone, e-mail and even voice when an alarm condition exists.

TempTrak software creates reports for any hospital department on all information collected through the system, and it provides documentation of corrective actions. All communications between the transmitters and the base receiver are via a 900 MHz wireless frequency-hopping network. All hardware can co-exist with other wireless communication operating in the same, or nearby, frequency bands. Transmitter information recorded to the database is date and time-stamped, and cannot be altered through user interface.


Model #: 10000-US
Used in conjunction with a buffer, the Base Station Receiver receives data from transmitters and relays the temperature information through the buffer to the TempTrak application.
Model #: 10050-US
Relays data received from a transmitter to a base station, strengthening the signal.


Model #: 10112
Glycol Product Simulator Probe
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Model #: 10112-NIST
NIST Certified Glycol Based Product Simulator
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Model #: 10134
Lab / Cryogenic Probe
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Model #: 10135
Low Temperature Probe
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Model #: 10137
High Temperature Probe
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Model #: 2033
Standard Temperature Probe
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Model #: 10113
Solid Simulator
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Model #: 10114
Solid Vial Simulator
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Model #: 10071
External Temperature + Humidity Transmitter
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Model #: 10080-DT
Internal + External Dual Temperature Transmitter
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Model #: 10100-DT
Contact Transmitter
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For Pharmacy, Nursing, Laboratory, Facilities, Dietary, & Bloodbank
Temp Trak

TempTrak Wirelessly Monitors
All Types of Equipment:

• Walk-In & Reach-In Refrigerators
• Walk-In and Reach-In Freezers
• Pharmacy and Lab Refrigerators
• Under Counter Refrigerators
• Ultra-Low Freezers
• Open Air Display Cases
• Salad / Deli Bars
• Hot Holding Cabinets
• Blanket / Fluid Warmers
• Dish Machines
• CO2 Incubators
• Steam& Hot Water Heater Pipes
• Steam Trap








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