Modular Casework : Pharmacy

The range of processes that make up any pharmacy require an efficient workflow to ensure that the various aspects of your facility come together to create a productive environment. Our design team understands how pharmacies operate and we work directly with you to make certain that your work place performs the way you need it to.

Our casework is made of only the most resilient materials, attractive surfaces, and highest quality hardware. We offer total modularity without sacrificing durability or aesthetics. Southern Medical is there for every stage of the process. From the initial planning through installation, we strive to make sure that the final product is something you will be proud of.

Application Photos

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pdfRCSmith Online Product Brochure


Designs for:

• Inpatient Pharmacy Casework
• Outpatient/Retail Pharmacy Casework
• Sterile Preparation Casework
• Casework that Interfaces with Pharmacy Automation
• Laboratory Workstations
• Dental Clinic Casework
• Office Furniture
• Retail Store Fixtures
• Restaurant Casework and Millwork
• Hotel Casework and Millwork
• Commercial Casework and Millwork


Floor Plan




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